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International Dental Show (IDS) 2007 in Cologne

Art with ceramics

State-of-the-art veneer systems - Layered technique and alternative methods - Key theme at IDS

Thanks to ceramics, dental prostheses are becoming increasingly attractive. The use of ceramics in dentistry is a major success story, as ceramic materials are ideal for creating appealing prostheses and ensuring the highest levels of physiological tolerance. An increasing number of patients wish to have an aesthetic blending of crown and bridge supports. Ideally, veneer restorations are indistinguishable from real teeth. This ambitious goal can be achieved by using well-coordinated ceramics. The currently available state-of-the-art ceramic systems will be on display at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne from 20th to 24th March 2007. To achieve aesthetic perfection, modern crown or bridge supports made of alloys or ceramic materials need fused ceramics whose colour matches real teeth. However, just as important is that the parameters of the materials (e.g. their coefficient of thermal expansion) coincide exactly with those of the supports. These diverse requirements are particularly fulfilled by ceramic veneer materials. Compatible ceramic veneer systems that meet the highest aesthetic standards have been developed for practically all dental support materials, which encompass a diverse range of fusible alloys and ceramics. The current trend in innovative veneer ceramics is towards the development of comprehensive systems, consisting of precisely coordinated ceramics that have the required opacity, fluorescence or translucence for an aesthetically pleasing veneer. It must be ensured, however, that the dental technician, who is mostly specialised in the use of ceramics, is not overburdened with too many individual components. Whereas previous ceramic products generally consisted of 100 to 200 ceramic masses and other components, today's systems are much simpler as a result of a clever reduction in the number of components.
Manufacturers also offer similarly structured ceramic systems for the layered veneering of a wide range of support materials, such as the many different types of alloys as well as aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide. As an alternative to the aesthetically pleasing but also very labour-intensive and expensive layered ceramics, manufacturers also increasingly offer pressed ceramic systems, in which the heated material is formed into a hollow shape under pressure. This production method is suited for subsequent painting as well as for cutting back to create a very aesthetic appearance. The exact technique chosen is dependent on the patient's wishes and financial capabilities. Today's systems make it much easier to work with veneer ceramics, as the dental technician can use complex multifunctional ceramics that are easy to mix and that can be employed for certain reproducible dynamic lighting effects. Not only does this reduce the storage expenses for dental laboratories, it also speeds up veneer production, cuts the time needed to train new employees in ceramic processes, and, above all, improves quality and safety. It therefore leaves experienced ceramic specialists with more room to be creative. This is an important consideration, given that such specialists will continue to play a key role in the skilful creation of aesthetically pleasing dental prostheses. The latest ceramic systems will be displayed at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne (20th to 24th March 2007), where they will provide dentists and dental technicians with an impressive overview of today's methods for aesthetically and functionally perfect veneers for prosthetic supports. At the fair, trade visitors will also be able to acquire information on the full range of currently available equipment, such as computer-controlled vacuum fusing furnaces and other systems for processing ceramics. In addition, specialists from the manufacturers will be on hand to present their latest systems and technologies. Of course IDS also offers many opportunities for in-depth question and answer sessions and discussions with colleagues and experts from the industry. "From 20th to 24th March 2007, the International Dental Show in Cologne - the world's largest trade fair for dental medicine and dental technology - will be the best place for trade visitors to talk to specialists from the exhibiting companies and experienced users about state-of-the-art ceramic systems and current trends related to their processing," says Dr. Markus Heibach, President of the VDDI. The International Dental Show (IDS), which takes place in Cologne every two years, is organized by the Association of German Dental Manufacturers, Cologne (http://www.vddi.dee), represented by its Society for the Promotion of the Dental Industry (GFDI). The trade fair is staged by Koelnmesse GmbH, Cologne. Note for editorial offices:
Photos from the last IDS are available in our photo database on the Internet (http://www.ids-cologne.de) on the "Press information" pages (click on "Photos"). If you reprint this document, please send a voucher copy.. More information: VDDI e.V. – Pressereferat - Burkhard Sticklies Fon: 0221-500687-14 Fax: 0221-500687-21

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