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International Dental Show (IDS) 2007 in Cologne

Implantology - Innovations for Insiders

The latest developments in implants and instruments - Modifications to traditional processes, biotechnology and tissue engineering in implantology - A main focus at IDS

Dental implantology is a dynamically growing field, and the percentage of dental treatments that involve the use of implants continues to increase sharply. The growing demand for implant procedures is matched by the increasing numbers of innovative developments in this field. So from 20th to 24th March 2007 in Cologne, the IDS - International Dental Show - will reflect these trends by presenting the latest products and therapy concepts for implantologists, oral surgeons, dentists and dental technicians. For trade visitors, the fair is a unique event that offers a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the international dental industry. Only at IDS can all the members of implantology practice teams and dental technology lab staffs find such a golden opportunity. The fair will also present expert discussion panels and other features of great interest to industry professionals, thanks to the support of the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI), which will have its own stand at IDS. Which implantology trends will be presented at the world's largest dental show? In terms of dental instruments, a number of manufacturers will be presenting products including enhanced osteosynthesis sets. There are trends toward standardisation of the different types of implants, for example the pitch of implant screw threads or the "implant - base" interface. The use of new, high-quality aesthetic materials, particularly zirconium oxide full ceramic, is also on the rise in implantology - for superstructures and full implants alike. Innovative implant surfaces, which help to ensure faster bone integration, are yet another product group to be presented at IDS Cologne that opens up entirely new possibilities. Modern coatings - for example with nanocrystalline calcium phosphate - significantly shorten the time needed for healing. And the future is also bright for osteosynthesis. New bone replacement materials - such as unsintered hydroxylapatite - make more efficient augmentation possible. When mixed with blood from the patient in an autologous transfusion, these materials help to eliminate rejection by the immune system. Traditional procedures are also being further developed. Alveolar distraction osteogenesis, for example, is becoming increasingly important in the field of implantology. And at IDS, new distraction devices also will be presented. In addition to helping to improve the bony implant bed, these products use vertical distraction to achieve the correct adjustment of the occlusion level of implant superstructures, among other benefits. At the IDS - International Dental Show - in Cologne, implantologists interested in these procedures will discover an array of new one-directional and multidirectional distraction systems for extraoral or intraoral applications. How they are used is determined primarily by specific indicators, the patient's age and the length of the distraction area. In the field of tissue engineering, biotechnology concepts are becoming increasingly attractive options. In combination with growth factors, bioreactive proteins or cells, three-dimensional support materials help to achieve better angiogenesis - thus contributing to the healing of damaged areas. New developments in the regeneration of hard tissues will be presented at IDS. Examples include a nanoporous bone replacement material that supports the immigration of blood vessels and osteoblasts, and a membrane made of collagen that protects damaged bone by providing a protective barrier and allows the undisturbed regeneration of the area. During IDS in Cologne, trade visitors will be able to learn about the entire spectrum of the latest developments in implantology. Specialists from the manufacturers will be on hand to present their latest systems and technologies to interested trade visitors. Of course IDS also offers many opportunities for in-depth question and answer sessions and discussions with the experts from medical associations and the industry. "The International Dental Show in Cologne - the world's largest trade fair for dental medicine and dental technology - provides the best opportunity for trade visitors interested in implantology to talk to specialists from the exhibiting companies and experienced users about the entire range of modern implantology concepts and current trends related to their implementation," says Dr. Markus Heibach, President of the VDDI. The International Dental Show (IDS), which takes place in Cologne every two years, is organized by the Association of German Dental Manufacturers, Cologne (http://www.vddi.dee), represented by its Society for the Promotion of the Dental Industry (GFDI). The trade fair is staged by Koelnmesse GmbH, Cologne. Note for editorial offices:
Photos from the last IDS are available in our photo database on the Internet (http://www.ids-cologne.de) on the "Press information" pages (click on "Photos"). If you reprint this document, please send a voucher copy.. More information: VDDI e.V. – Pressereferat - Burkhard Sticklies Fon: 0221-500687-14 Fax: 0221-500687-21

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