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VDDI General Meeting in Cologne, 2 July 2020

On course for a restart within the dental industry

Mark Stephen Pace

The members of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI) assembled for their General Meeting in Cologne on 2 July. A focal topic was the status of the preparations for the 39th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, 9–13 March 2021.

In his report to the VDDI’s corporate members, Mark Stephen Pace, Chairman of the Board, said he was highly satisfied with the current status of IDS registrations. “Rather than being paralysed by circumstances, the more than 1,300 registered manufacturers are looking to the future and to finding ways to overcome the crisis. For them, participation in IDS 2021 is the opportunity to make a fresh start within the industry.”

For this reason, preparations for the upcoming IDS (9–13 March 2021) are continuing at full speed. Koelnmesse has defined a set of specific criteria and measures that meet all legal requirements for the safe implementation of the IDS.

Nevertheless, the health and well-being of IDS participants, customers and partners remain paramount for all further activities. Koelnmesse and the GFDI, the business arm of the VDDI, will therefore continue to closely monitor the situation in the coming weeks and draw up a catalogue of criteria for arranging a safe and successful IDS. All resulting decisions will be made jointly by Koelnmesse and the GFDI for the benefit of all parties involved and for the protection of all IDS stakeholders.

Koelnmesse and the VDDI have set themselves a deadline of early October for their critical assessment of the situation and the measures taken. Until then, all registered and tentative IDS exhibitors will have an opportunity to perform and submit their own risk assessments and to evaluate the situation themselves.

Koelnmesse and the GFDI will take additional measures to make the IDS even more attractive for visitors and exhibitors alike. This includes the development of bespoke digital tools to connect visitor groups.

The 39th IDS will mark a new beginning for a world that, more than ever, is developing an awareness of the importance of personal health and rediscovering and reassessing the exceptional value of oral and dental health for the world’s economies.

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