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Tuesday 29. January 2019

#idscologne - The success story of IDS continues

Around 2,300 exhibitors from more than 60 countries - 70 percent from abroad - 170,000 m² of gross exhibition space - digital services for exhibitors and visitors[more]

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Monday 26. November 2018

#idscologne - Digital tools are reshuffling the cards - recognise the opportunities in orthodontics now!

Orthodontics for more and more patients - digital technologies - virtual reality - artificial intelligence - a focal theme of the International Dental Show[more]

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Wednesday 07. November 2018

Consequent hygiene regime: More effective for the own practice - more safety on a global scale

From proper operation through to saving lives - product innovations, network integration, gains in effectiveness - a focus of IDS[more]

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Friday 05. October 2018

IDS further reinforces its services

Free of charge to Cologne from the metropolitan Rhine Ruhr region[more]

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Tuesday 04. September 2018

Teamwork, technology, temperament - laboratory & practice at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2019

More intensive interaction between laboratory and practice - inspiring digitalisation - enrichening innovative materials - IDS demonstrates the opportunities[more]

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Thursday 30. August 2018

Long-term task periodontitis therapy: The International Dental Show (IDS) 2019 offers the right support

Scaling and root-planing - antimicrobial substances - microbiology for the diagnostics - touch-free laser cuts - a main focus of the IDS 2019 In dentistry it is about securing patients the longest possible retention of their...[more]

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Thursday 30. August 2018

Endo entering the digital world at top speed - the trusted and the innovative at IDS 2019

Classic mechanical methods and chemical substances - laser-based root canal disinfection - digital endodontics - IDS demonstrates the opportunities The success of an endodontic therapy depends on many factors, including the...[more]

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