We about us - Aims and Objectives

The VDDI is the recognized voice of the German dental manufacturing industry.

Its aims and objectives are in particular:

  • Representation of the joint interests of the German dental manufacturing companies on the technical and political scale toward ministries, authorities, associations and other organisations both in Germany and abroad
  • Promotion of the exchange of opinions and experience between the member companies via working groups - e. g. Export Managers, Marketing/Distribution Inland, Public Relations, Barcode/HIBC, Dental Implants - and Technical Commission
  • PR work to promote the interests of the German dental manufacturing industry both nationally and internationally
  • Participation in the initiative proDente e. V.
  • Information and communication platform for sales promotion for the member companies both nationally and internationally (VDDI DentalPlace)
  • Organisation of the IDS International Dental Show German
    Pavilions at dental trade exhibitions overseas
  • Co-operation with the national and international associations of dentists, dental technicians, dental dealers and dental manufacturers
  • Participation in the work of the European (FIDE) and international (IDM) associations of dental manufacturers 
    (VDDI is a member of FIDE and affiliated to the IDM via FIDE)
  • Exerting early influence on technical laws and regulations, in particular in Berlin, Bonn and Brussels
  • Participation in national, European and international standardization bodies
  • Promotion of research and development in co-operation with scientific institutes
  • Compiling and processing statistics, market reports and other market-related information for the member companies
  • Organisation of entrepreneur meetings, workshops and seminars


Verband der Deutschen Dental-Industrie e.V.
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50858 Köln

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50836 Köln

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