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The German dental manufacturing industry can look back on a long tradition (since 1916 organised under the roof of the VDDI) and has always been and still is a pioneer when it comes to developing trailblazing products and solutions for both the dental office and the dental laboratory. This is not least a result of its close and fruitful connections to science and research. From its origin up to now, this specialist industry is composed of mainly small and medium-sized businesses with a strong export orientation (facts & figures). The latter is among others reflected in the regular presence at dental trade shows world-wide, often in the form of joint exhibits/German Pavilions (dates).

The German Dental Industry = Quality "made in Germany"

There are four sectors in which the 200 member companies of the Association of German Dental Manufactures - with their products for the dental office and the dental laboratory - would like to continue to act as role model and pioneer: innovation, technology, quality and precision.


With its product and process innovations, the German dental manufacturing industry is traditionally renowned for setting the pace also on the international scale. This requires the ability to combine theory and practice. The proven and close cooperation with scientific dental research institutes plays an important role in this.


Present becomes past. Changes demand new conceptions. Problems of raw materials, new technologies. Thus, innovation in the German dental industry has become a permanent challenge for even better products and superior know-how to ensure that the "Made in Germany" quality seal is suitably represented on the world´s markets.

However, new products alone are merely one aspect of this. They must also always be seen as part of a customer-oriented approach to solving problems. The German dental industry has always considered it as its task to find these solutions.


Innovation without improved quality is regression. Therefore quality and quality assurance are given top priority by the German dental industry. For this reason, all over the world, products manufactured by the German dental industry are primarily associated with quality wether it be equipment and fittings for the dental surgery or dental laboratory, tools or materials, or working materials.


Developing precision as a prerequisite for quality directly at the design phase is the basic principle of the German dental industry. Before products are allowed to go into mass production they must also prove their ability to function reliably without any failures under extreme conditions for extended periods of time. For the German dental industry aims to ensure that every single product - be it for the clinic, surgery or laboratory - fulfills its promise of quality to the customer. Therefore, second best can never be good enough for the German dental industry.


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