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Showpiece Discipline Periodontology: The State of the Art at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2013

New products in the area of periodontology – Today's trends in prophylaxis – Antimicrobial tools – Current possibilities using diagnostic methods –One of the main themes of IDS 2013

Every medal has two sides – and the latest facts regarding oral health in Germany demonstrate that there is more than just a grain of truth at the heart of this proverb. On the positive side, caries is in retreat, both in adults and in adolescents. However, due to the longer retention of the teeth, another problem is coming to the fore in the shape of periodontitis. The International Dental Show (IDS), which runs from 12th to 16th March 2013, is keeping in touch with current developments in dental health and is therefore also paying attention to this problem. That’s why the latest techniques and methods for periodontitis prophylaxis and therapy are playing a key role at the sector's leading trade fair in Cologne.   
Periodontitis is one of the most important topics for the dental health sector. This is emphasized repeatedly at further education events and congresses, and it’s also evident to every dental practice team in their daily work. Periodontitis is also driving the research departments of various manufacturers to ever-new heights of top performance. As a result, the product ranges keep on expanding, and already established products are continually improved. Visitors to the International Dental Show in Cologne will learn which of these innovations help to optimize the everyday routine of dentists' practices.   
New products for use in dental practices are available in all areas of periodontology. These range from diagnostic methods to instruments for surgical procedures, chemical and mechanical supplies for prophylaxis, and biological growth factors for tissue regeneration. Those who wish to keep up with current practice and offer their patients the technically best possible treatment will, in the ideal case, get their information directly from the respective manufacturers. Every two years this can be done "at a stroke" at the IDS in Cologne, because here all of the relevant companies are present under a single roof.   
Early and detailed diagnosis plays a particularly important role where periodontitis is concerned. In addition to the classic probing method, digital volume tomography can provide additional information for the assessment of bone loss if the indications have been correctly evaluated. As a result, this method puts the dentist in a better position for starting the subsequent therapy. The current generations of equipment already demonstrate reduced radiation exposure compared to their predecessors, and new developments in this area could bring about further improvements in this regard.   
Chemical aids such as antimicrobial mouthwashes represent another field that is especially wide. Such preparations – in particular those containing chlorhexidine – find application in both professional and domestic prophylaxis. They not only simplify the reduction of biofilms but also use a chemically supported mucous membrane antiseptic that makes it possible to reduce aerosols. This also offers an immediate advantage in terms of safety for the team in the dental practice.   
Today even lasers have uses in periodontal therapy. Depending on the wavelength of the laser, it is possible to decontaminate gum abscesses using the antibacterial effect of the collimated laser light, or to remove calculus by means of laser scaling. In addition, surgical procedures can also be carried out with the help of laser technology, for example cutting or removing oral soft tissue.   
“Today the area of periodontology is extremely wide-ranging,” says Dr. Markus Heibach, President of the VDDI. “The increasing importance of periodontitis has led to a corresponding further development of the possibilities for its prevention and therapy. This progress can be seen in detail at the International Dental Show in Cologne. The IDS provides genuine added value for all of its visitors, with opportunities for hands-on experience of new products and direct contact to the relevant manufacturers.”   
The International Dental Show (IDS) is held in Cologne every two years. It is organized by the GFDI — the Society for the Promotion of the Dental Industry, the commercial enterprise of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI) — and staged by Koelnmesse GmbH, Cologne.   
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